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So it had been 7 months since I last got myself an Intellivision game. It's kind of hard to get one you don't have when you have 93 of them. New to my family of INTV games is Diner, the sequel to Burgertime. Man, it's hard. It's a lot like Crystal Castles by Atari, but instead of collecting crystals, you kick meatballs down to the bottom of the screen. Of course, they have to stop at every level so you have to keep kicking them until they get down to the bottom. And also, of course, they have to put in way too many enemies.

I have been programming for Intellivision last night as well. It took me hours and hours but I finally made it so the game saves my progress. I thought I had done it before, and I did, but that was only because when you got to level 2, the save was new. I read the manual and saw that in order to rewrite to the saves, you have to erase them first. Why, I have no idea. A few tries later and voila! The game saves your progress once you get to level 3 and press reset (on jzINTV.)

It was about 4am when I finally went to sleep. And I kept waking up to be with the dog because she was alone. I slept most of the time on the couch. Finally got up at 2pm and there was Diner in a small box waiting for me. So now I have 94 games. And I'll never get to 125 since I have an INTV II (why bother getting games that don't work?). So my goal is 100. And I'll never have enough money to buy the really expensive games because I don't play the lottery, so 100 is a realistic goal. 96 games I have if you count homebrews, and 97 if you count the LTO Flash.

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