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AA not secure? Do I care?

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Well not particularly, I find it more of a curiosity, also please excuse if it has been mentioned or addressed already but I noticed in both Chrome and Firefox that AA is flagged as not secure on the url bar? Again, maybe I just never noticed it and since I do no transactions or am concerned too terribly with spying etc on my AA content / interactions but thought I would just see. Is it temporary, will it be addressed or does it even matter? Thanks.





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Yeah, you can thank web browsers for trying to force all sites to have https full-time. Nothing has changed with the site in this regard, but since it's a normal http connection, browsers are displaying "Not Secure" to scare people. The login forums do use https, and as PlayWithWolves noted above, the store forces https full-time. However, this version of the forum software does not support https (outside of the login forms) and there's nothing I can do about that until I upgrade the forum.


Once I get past the holiday crush of orders, my absolute number one priority is to get the forums upgraded. I have to finish some work I've been doing on the main site first, which is a prerequisite for updating the forum. It'll probably be a good month's worth of work full-time between the site and the forum to do this. Once those are finished, I also plan on moving the store to completely new (and much nicer) software. Everything will be on https by default when I am done.


The forum does present some unique challenges as far as https goes. Since users can link to off-site content (like images), to properly maintain 100% https connectivity, you need to cache any linked images or content. The new forum does support that, but it is more work to setup and may require additional costs if this content is hosted by a third-party. It's not something I've played around with yet. I am running the new forum software on another forum I run and it's quite nice compared to this version. They rewrote the entire thing from scratch.



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I've noticed this too although the thing I've noticed in the last week or so is how slow the site seems to me. Pages are slow to load or won't load at all and I'm always refreshing once or twice to get a page to load. I cleared my browser (Chrome) and tried firefox and it's the same thing. Is this an AA issue or my laptop issue? Only seems to happen with AA.

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