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Atari Heavy Sixer Silver Letter Box vs White Letter Box


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I have a quick questions. How much rarer is the silver letter box vs white letter box on the 1977 heavy sixer box? Did the silver one come with the same inserts as the white letter one? I have a few heavy sixer boxes and parts and I am trying to put them all in the correct boxes. Thanks

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The silver box games have a silver instruction and crt to match. Silver labels are less desirable (IMHO) since a lot are re-releases of popular games, not all, some like the swordquest games always had silver labels. Imagic games were always in a silver case as well.

The older games with the game graphics and number of levels on them are more collectible since they were from the original run of the games before Atari over extended.


I think the reason for the silver boxed versions was Atari got ahead of itself and made a ton of games that just did not sell so they repackaged them hoping to find a receptive market for the "new" games, most were flops, ET being the biggest example.


again this is just my opinion and I do not claim to be an expert. I have been collecting for a few decades but I am not a fanatical collector I only buy what i like.


using pinterest or google image search is extremely helpful and there are tons of info sites on the net showing the box/instructions/crt.


hope i was helpful.

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