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Could a short circuited cartdridge slot harm a Genesis?


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If I would bend the pins of a genesis cartridge slot to restore their springyness and some pins they would actually touch the oppisite pin after that, and then I would accidentallypower on the genesis without a cartridge inserted - would it hurt the genesis?


Sorry for the lot of "ifs" but especially the slot type with the slotted pins (like this one http://www.8-bitcentral.com/images/miscellaneous/genesisClassic/cartSlot.jpg) has very little space between opposite pins so theoretically there could be a short with no card in it.

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That's what I thought, but then, the engineers could have forseen such a problem and put the 5 Volt opposite to an unused pin, or 2 5 volts vice versa so that shorting them would do nothing.



That has diagrams for both the SMS and the Genesis. specifically this image: http://devster.monkeeh.com/sega/sega2sms.png


not sure what those across-the-street pins do but they don't seem to be unused.

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