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Rikki & Vikki


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An unexpected visit from the Misery Dragon has left Rikki & Vikki with two less children and significantly more inconvenience. Only by mastering a multitude of problematic puzzles can they reach the core of Misery's secret base and rescue the kinder.



Rikki & Vikki is a new puzzle action hybrid available for Microsoft Windows on December 26, 2018 and the Atari 7800 ProSystem on February 18, 2019. You can learn more on the Official Website and I'll keep this first post updated. Or, why not just watch the trailer - right here!


Enjoy the music? It's by RushJet1. All game footage above was captured live from a real Atari 7800 ProSystem.

Enjoy having words dispensed in your face? You can follow me (@tailchao) on Twitter. Eh, who cares about that - let's open the box and see what's inside!



Interested in playing the game on something other than Atari's flagship wedge? Check out the Microsoft Windows version on Steam or download it using our Humble Widget! We've also prepared a Quick Start Guide for Windows users in a hurry.



Feel free to ask questions in this thread, I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner. But first, let's get some of the expected ones out of the way...

Q : Is this a one or two player game?
A : It's both. You can play as Rikki Alone, Vikki Alone, or Rikki & Vikki Together. The single player modes (Rikki or Vikki Alone) are mostly identical, but the cooperative two player mode is a completely different adventure.

Q : How much does Rikki & Vikki cost?
A : The Atari 7800 version is $59.99 plus shipping and handling.

Q : What are those shipping and handling rates?
A : Shipping prices are regional, here's a list...

  • Domestic : $5.99
  • International (Canada) : $19.99
  • International (Mexico) : $21.99
  • International (Everywhere Else) : $24.99

Q : Where can I purchase a copy?
A : All available versions of the game are listed here.


Q : Where can I get the game's soundtrack?

A : RushJet1 has made it available on Bandcamp.

Q : Are both NTSC (US, 60Hz) and PAL (EU, 50Hz) consoles supported?
A : Yes, the game natively supports both regions and features workarounds for the audio mixing discrepancies between them.

Q : Does Rikki & Vikki use expansion audio?
A : Yes, each cartridge includes an audio processor we're calling the BupChip. This is responsible for generating the game's music and consists of a microcontroller running a modified version of BupBoop 1.2.2cz. The music you hear in the trailer is using this system.

Q : Does Rikki & Vikki's cartridge contain any low voltage parts?
A : No, all components are 5V native.

A : Yes, 4 MEGA-POWER (512KB) of game data plus 2 MEGA-POWER (256KB) of music data.

Q : How much current does all that MEGA-POWER need?
A : Usually 150mA or less, this is higher than most of Atari's cartridges but safely within the capabilities of a working console.

Q : What are the differences between the Microsoft Windows and Atari 7800 versions?
A : They're mostly in price and aesthetic, the game content is identical. Here's a rundown...

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Costs $9.99.
    • Progress and High Scores are saved.
    • Music is in Stereo.
    • Supports Steam Achievements.
    • Supports Performance Adjustments.
  • Atari 7800 ProSystem
    • Costs $59.99 plus shipping.
    • Includes a sturdy box, cartridge, and Misery Land tour guide with two complimentary tickets.
    • Progress and High Scores aren't saved.
    • Music is in Mono.

Q : Does the Steam version contain any DRM?
A : No.


Q : Are the XM and High Score Cartridge supported?
A : No.


Q : Will different editions of the Atari 7800 version be available?
A : No.

Q : Can I order just the Atari 7800 game cartridge?
A : No.

Q : Will a standalone ROM be available for purchase?
A : No, Rikki & Vikki's cartridge uses custom hardware which isn't supported by all emulators or flash cartridges - releasing the raw binary would be a compatibility nightmare. However, its design isn't a total black box and I've released the following which would allow you to develop your own games using or building upon our work...

  • BupSystem : Atari 7800 emulator written for Rikki & Vikki, the core of which is used in the Windows version.
  • BupBoop : Software synthesizer which runs on the BupChip.
  • Souper : Memory mapper used by Rikki & Vikki.

But wait, there's more - while you can't buy a standalone ROM of Rikki & Vikki, it's included FOR FREE with the Windows version. Read more about how the game's resources are structured here.


Q : That said, can I play Rikki & Vikki using an emulator or special device?
A : Yes! The game should run on the following...

Keep in mind, we cannot provide support or troubleshooting for running the game in any environments outside of the original Windows executable or BupSystem. You're on your own.


Q : Will you release the game's source code?
A : No, this is a commercial product which is being actively maintained. However, if there's any mystery on how something in the game software works - please ask.


Q : Is there a reason the Atari 7800 version shipped later?
A : Yes, so we had more time to handle the print materials (box, pamphlet, etc.) and put the game through another round of testing.

Q : How many copies are being produced?
A : There were 550 copies of the Atari 7800 version available for purchase on release and infinite copies of the Microsoft Windows version. The Atari 7800 version of the game wasn't intended as an exclusive limited run - but due to poor sales, a pandemic, and various other difficulties we do not have the resources to manufacture additional cartridges at this time. If you would like to support our work, please consider trying the game on Steam and leaving a review.


Q : What's this I heard about a foil label on the cartridges?

A : We started using different cartridge labels in November 2019, you can read about the changes here.

Q : Will the game be available on other platforms in the future?
A : We were interested in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, but this was ultimately infeasible due to poor sales of the Microsoft Windows version. Rikki & Vikki will not be brought to other legacy hardware (NES, SMS, CD-i, etc) - please do not ask for ports.




Something strange in the neighborhood? Here's how to verify and remove some common 7800 ProSystem gremlins...

T : I think my cartridge is defective, I'm running into [some issue]...
S : Ah, well let's see if it's okay using the game's checksum feature. You can activate this by doing the following...

  • Turn the 7800 OFF.
  • Move the [Left Difficulty] Switch to the LEFT.
  • Move the [Right Difficulty] Switch to the RIGHT.
  • Hold the [Pause], [Select], and [Reset] buttons then turn the 7800 ON.
  • Continue to hold the [Pause], [Select], and [Reset] buttons during the Atari Rainbow.
  • The screen should begin to flash while the game performs a checksum, you can release the buttons at this point.

Once the checksum is complete, the game will display FoxSum : $xxxx where the xxxx is a 16-Bit hexadecimal value. Here's a list of good checksums for the game's various revisions...

  • FoxBox r12 : $9A6C
  • FoxBox r13 : $9A63
  • FoxBox r14 : $A6A9

T : The audio balancing seems off on my copy of the game, can I adjust it?
S : Yes! The Atari 7800's mixing differs among units, so we've included adjustment facilities in the game software and cartridge hardware. Use the [Left Difficulty] Switch to set the volume of the game's sound effects. Moving it LEFT will play them at Full Amplitude while moving it RIGHT will play them at Half Amplitude. The music volume can be adjusted using the volume knob inside each cartridge, a good tutorial of doing this is available in The 8-Bit Guy's Review.

Please note the SCART / Péritel 7800 has another version of the mixing circuit where the TIA is so loud that the facilities above may not give satisfactory results. As of writing, the only known solution is to modify these consoles to use the NTSC mixing circuit. While inconvenient, this will also correct the balancing with other games which use expansion audio such as Commando.

T : I'm playing single player mode and my character keeps picking up boxes or jumping - I'm not even pressing these buttons on the controller!
... or ...
T : My controller doesn't seem to be working right in Rikki & Vikki, but other games are fine. What gives?!
S : Rikki & Vikki allows the use of either controller port to move your character when playing as Rikki or Vikki Alone. While this usually doesn't cause any issues, some owners may experience ghost button presses similar to the ones in Xenophobe and Rampage. These can be mitigated by having two-button controllers connected to both ports when playing. If you have an AtariVox connected, try removing it.


T : My console isn't able to run Rikki & Vikki, but other games are stable. What's going on?!
S : The most common problems impacting stability are a dirty cartridge slot or failing voltage regulator. Rikki & Vikki is the first software which uses the HALTn pin to discern between Sally and Maria's fetches, a solid connection with this pin must be made for the game to run correctly. Additionally, Rikki & Vikki's cartridge requires more (but still a safe amount of) power compared to most other games and an aging regulator may not be able to supply this - check to see if your console's 5V rail is sagging while running the game. Extreme color drift over time, or when pressing buttons on the controllers, can be symptoms of a failing regulator or power brick.


T : Is there a recommended modding or refurbishing service for these Atari wedges?

S : We highly recommend @-^CrossBow^-'s services.


T : I'm still running into issues, what are my options?

S : The warranty card included with each copy of the game isn't just for show, it actually works! If you're still having trouble that can't be solved with this guide or other posts in this thread, please send an email to contact@penguinet.net for additional support. We've yet to find a console that can't be persuaded to run the game correctly.

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Wow! is this real? and why have I not heard of it before. Very much ready to reserve one.

Unless the pile of cartridges in my living room isn't actually there, and I don't actually exist - there is a high probability the game is real.

You probably didn't hear about it since it wasn't announced until now!


Wow, this game loot amazing! I can't wait to get this. Are orders going to be handled on the PenguiNet website when the game becomes available for order on January 14, 2019?

Thanks, and yep - usual "click to dispense video game" PayPal button.


That looks really good! Could we get a 7800 trailer also?

All footage of the game in the trailer above was recorded from an Atari 7800, so it already is.

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Q : Will a standalone ROM Binary be available for purchase?

A : No, Rikki & Vikki's cartridge uses custom hardware which (along with the Microsoft Windows version) makes this mostly irrelevant. However, we will release a standalone version of the emulator core used for developing and distributing the game - along with specifications of its mapper and expansion audio - on the same day as the Atari 7800 version.


Could you elaborate on this? An area of interest to me. :)

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(wish there was a boxless version for a few less shekels tho...nonetheless!)

For even less shekels than that you can go for the Windows version, we're working on bringing it to Humblebundle now in case you're not into Steam.


Could you elaborate on this? An area of interest to me. :)

Sure, it's just a new mapper design. The only "big thing" compared to the existing schemes is the ability to differentiate between Sally and Maria fetches which lets both of them use different banking arrangements.



While we wait for his reply, some reading... he's posted a lot of details here, and the equates give a pretty good overview of his scheme.

Uh oh, that wasn't supposed to be public yet!

But since you caught me - and it's the holidays, I'll make this page more easily accessible and formally release our emulator (BupSystem) in the next few hours.

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Phenomenal presentation with a lot of TLC, TailChao. The website linked in the OP is chalk full of goodness for the game include screenshots and character bios.


Additionally, fantastic job on Zaku. It's posted Zaku for the Lynx was developed over a six years period.


There is evidently a considerable amount of software and hardware development towards the 7800 by the team as well. How much time went into the development of Rikki and Vikki?


Thank you for sharing the sound information details, including leveraging the design of the system as intended. Curious about the video portion too, if you feel comfortable sharing, what MARIA graphic mode(s) are utilized?

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This game looks amazing. I have never seen such crisp and detailed graphics from an Atari 7800. Also the music and sound effects I am hearing on the Atari 7800 is blowing me away. Tell us more about this BupChip! Does this BupChip mean that we finally have a real viable alternative to the Pokey chip for the 7800?

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