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I worked a whole lot on this last night. I went to sleep at midnight. Couldn't get to sleep until 1am. Then I slept for about 14 hours. It's kind of sad when you wake up and realize the day is almost over. Anyway, I have changed the name of the game from "Eating" to "Yum". I enjoy looking at my old Nintendo Power issues (circa 1993 or so). Finding games in the Pak Watch section that never got released ("Mario Vs. Wario", anyone?)

The object of the game is simple: To open the guy's mouth to eat candy canes and close it to avoid the Brussels sprouts. Why candy canes? Not because it's Christmas, but because of their shape. I needed something good to eat that wasn't round. I guess French fries would fit as well, but I don't know if I can make one look good with just 3 colors to work with.

Up next for the game is speeding it up after certain milestones without breaking it.

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