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While trying to add stuff to Yum, it became apparent that there were so many problems too numerous to mention, so I quit. And not just Yum. I took a hard look at life, and the only time I'm happy is when I'm not working on a project that involves me telling a computer to do something and not having it do it. So I guess it's just back to me coding only for batari Basic. I need to finish Castle of Doom and some other game I was doing anyway. batari Basic is where I get the least angry, because I'm an idiot.

And since I'm supposed to be happy in life, I guess that makes me a non-coder again. I mean, why spend hours typing crap up when it's not going to work and you don't understand what you're doing? And it makes me angry. So I've decided to stop all the projects except Castle of Doom. Hopefully this will free up all my anger I have pent up over the last few years trying and somewhat failing to understand other forms of assembly. Oh, and I'll keep working on Aaron the Aardvark for Jaguar because it's sort of BASIC-y as well. And I guess I'll do stuff for the Intellivision as well thanks to intyBASIC. And Yum was even in C, so I guess I don't understand C as well.

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