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Slap Shot available with new boxes


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The boxes are in and soon will be ready to ship. I have a few ready now, and will have at least 200 in early January.


The box is new and the overlays are also new (they are the same as the Flashback Supplemental Overlay Pack overlays except for the copyright), but the cartridge and manual are left over stock from INTV Corp. The cartridges are cleaned and tested.


I will offer these here for $50 with fresh domestic shipping (and $7 off the actual shipping price internationally). I will try to get them out as quickly as possible, but I can't promise even getting them out by Saturday beyond the first ten. I expect to put them up on eBay for $45 plus shipping after the first of the year.


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Nice modernization of the box by Eric by the way. Very cool, love the blue. ??


Thank you!


I wanted to keep the layout and artwork the same since the game hasn't changed so it was best to keep the familiar look. The switch to blue was to differentiate it from the first edition and to pay homage to the Blue Sky Rangers name being the first release under that title. I figure collectors would like being able to see the difference between the two on their shelf or display so it sets it apart from the first version. The NEW! sticker was a nice way to further differentiate this version from the first and provide a little on packaging background info as to what this release was. It was an idea mthompson had for the Fight For The Cup boxes we did with Steve Jones to add a little nostalgia to the design so I borrowed the concept here since it fits nicely into a gap in the original artwork. BSRSteve wanted to credit the original programmers on the back of the box, which I think is very fitting and made for a nice touch. Otherwise, there's not a lot of difference in the new box. Just adding the BSR branding and some subtle tweaking to make it fresh.

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I shipped what was paid by early this morning and now have no boxes glued. I hope to have some time to glue some more on Sunday to mail out on Monday. I still have nineteen cartridges cleaned and tested that can be shipped once I glue the boxes. The remaining 175 or so should hopefully be ready to ship in mid-January.

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