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Stevie Development Thread


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Here's a preview of the new file picker functionality in Stevie.

I am browsing some random source code files scattered accross disk drives DSK1, DSK2, DSK3

Still have to display the file types and check the filesize code again, but all in all I'm quite pleased with how easy it is to jump from file to file.

With this functionality in place I do not think I'll be adding in-memory multi-file editing. This is so fast I do not really see a need for it.


Note that I have also removed the "master catalog" functionality introduced in Stevie 1.4

Don't think it was being really being and the new catalog function just works better IMHO.



I will be releasing Stevie 1.5 in the near future (after some more bugfixing that is).

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Not to derail this thread. But could not let pass this one. Here is a github Copilot suggestion on my code in Visual Studio code. Not too bad I would say. 

Obviously all of its knowledge is fed of the comments I have in my source code. Nonetheless, kinda scary how far next-token prediction has progressed.

In general the TMS9900 code suggestions it does, looks ok from syntax point of view (but obviously not always make sense). It even predicts whole code blocks. 







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