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So when I got home from my sister's house to celebrate Christmas, I decided that I wanted to work on Fatso 2 for the Odyssey 2 again. Stuffing your face full of Chex Mix makes you think of your game you made if you made a game about eating junk food. So after a few tries, I had it down good adding another random junk food item on the screen. I also made two of them move at a randomly chosen speed. I also made it so that the faster the food is when you eat it, the more points you get. But there was just one thing wrong: A lone blue letter K decided to make itself home at the top of the screen.

I finally got it removed (I found out it was character 8 through trial and error). And now it's gone, which leaves me with this:

I can only have one more sprite be on the screen since the maximum is four sprites. There's no way to die yet, though. But I will make a third and final food item be on the screen. I am wondering how Fast Food had so many food items on the screen all at once.

My socks fit. I had no socks. I asked for crazy Christmas socks for Christmas. I got socks for Christmas. I'm not going to wear the SMB1 sprite socks though. The rest, the ones with the sheep saying "BAAA HUMBUG" and the gingerbread person saying "BITE ME" are funny. That isn't all I got though. My sister went crazy and bought me way too much stuff again. Which is kind of odd, too, since she also went and bought stuff for my niece and nephew. Oh well.

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