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So I worked on Fatso 2 again today after sleeping until 1pm. I went to sleep at about 10:30pm last night, so it's no surprise I woke up as late as I did, especially with all the stress of it being Christmas and all. I added two new foods: the peanut and the dreaded pink pickle. Nothing happens if you eat the pink pickle now, but you'll lose a life from the life counter I haven't put in yet. I also added some blue borders. I figured I should put them in so the player knows how far up and down he can move the mouth.


I don't know why the borders are purple in this screenshot, they should be more blue. And with the red life number, I will have all the colors on the screen I want. I make it a point to have blue, yellow, red and green all on the screen at once if I can so the game looks really colorful.

I also don't know why I decided to return to work on this. I find it very irritating due to the page restriction errors it gives me when compiling. Especially when I can't do my little trick I made up.

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