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Tested and working Colecovision, Exp Module #1, 5 Games


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Up for auction is a Colecovision console, Expansion Module 1, and 5 Colecovision Games.
This system comes from my personal collection. I am selling it because I am concentrating more on other retro systems these days. It has been well taken-care of and is in great shape.
The Colecovision console has been tested and is working (see picture). The system itself is in good shape (see pictures) and the controller buttons and joysticks are still springy. The only thing that is not ideal is the little expansion module door in front of the console doesn't close. It may, actually, but I didn't want to force it. The system has spent the majority of its life with Expansion Module 1 plugged into it. Also included in this auction are the Colecovision power brick (very substantial) and an RF adapter and cable. The RF adapter is not great. You'd probably be better off buying a new one, or just modding this console for composite output, which is not hard to do. I'm also including a power cord extender that allows you to not have to plug that massive adapter directly into a wall or a power strip. It's quite useful.
Expansion Module 1 is also included in this auction. This allows the Colecovision to play Atari 2600 games. It even has 2 Atari 2600-style joystick ports on it! I've included a picture of it running Keystone Kapers, but no Atari 2600 games are included in this auction. I only took that photo to demonstrate that it does work.
The five Colecovision games included in this auction have all been tested and came up fine. The games included are Zaxxon, Cosmic Avenger, Donkey Kong, Lady Bug, and Venture. The Colecovision was famous for its extremely accurate ports of arcade games (for its day) and these games are still a lot of fun to play.
I will package all of these items very well with bubble wrap and air pockets. This will not be a light package, so shipping charges will be more than other classic systems. The power brick alone weighs 2 lbs! But I will make every effort to ensure that nothing is damaged during shipping. I have been on eBay for 20 years. Check my feedback. I care about the things I sell and I want the new owner of this system to get many years of enjoyment from it.
I think that's everything! Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are looking to get into the Colecovision, this is a turnkey setup for you that includes some of the best games. Thanks for looking!



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Buyers like clean and shinny things. If you washed that thing up before hand you surely would have upped your odds to make more money on it versus leaving it as it's pictured.

Very true. I had to delist because I tried to add some additional pics and things went haywire. Ill pretty things up a bit before I relist.

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