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So I discovered that the mint getting code for Fatso 2 wasn't working properly. I eventually solved it by instead of using the variable names, I just used their addresses instead. So instead of this:

    mov r1,#02fh
Since I put the titlescreenchar variable in the #02fh position at the beginning of the code. I don't know why, but that worked. Fortunately, all the changes were made just for the mint section and not the entire game, which part 1 has 805 lines and part 2 has 1,300 lines. And the line count is about the same as the bytes used, so I have pushed the 2k boundary and instead of just a bloated 4k game I need about 100 bytes' worth of extra room and need a 4k game.

Unfortunately for me, the reset button erases the high score when you push it. Which I should probably mention in the manual. In case this gets released and even has a manual. So with the mint getting code fixed, I made it really infrequent. So I fixed it so it comes more frequently.

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