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HLO projects - A game in Atari Microsoft BASIC


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this is a repost from the Atari 8-bit forum. I will be adding more games and more thoughts on Atari Microsoft BASIC in the future

little while back I posted a reconsideration of Atari MS BASIC http://atariage.com/...ering-ms-basic/
I not long after that started on an Uno game in BASIC. worked on it on and off for while but got series a couple weeks ago. So here it is, Uno programmed in MS BASIC. atari_8bit.png MS_BASIC_27&uno.ATR 130.02KB
attached is a .dsk with a homebrew version of MS BASIC on disk called MS BASIC 2.7. The MS BASIC self boots then boots the Uno game automatically.
the Uno game is simple as I just wanted to have a demonstrator for MS BASIC. You play against 3 computer opponents.
the game is in graphics 1 with the a little P/M graphics for the Discard card.
to play:
bottom 4 lines are the letters for your cards segregated by color; red, yellow, green and blue. last line is Spl which is the change color cards.
the types of cards beside the colors are 0-9 D=draw 2, S=skip and R=reverse. under Spl are C=change color and F=draw 4.
when the human plays you choose Sort, Play and Take. Sort just sorts your cards. Take will take a card from the pile. Play will play 1 of your cards.
in Play you type the card you want to play by following the prompts.
the game plays a standard game of Uno except;
Uno call is automatic and has 1 in 9 chance of 'forgetting to call' penalty which is also automatic.
when you Take a card you can not play it even if the card is playable till the next round.
on programming in MS BASIC:
I found MS BASIC to very capable. lots of additional commands compared to Atari BASIC.It's a fast BASIC. when using integers its very fast. It's also more standard than Atari BASIC and can more easily translate from other computers. I actually started this program on a TI-99 then transferred it to Atari MS BASIC fairly easily. The only real downside to MS BASIC is you only have 21k available. but in this program it really wasn't an issue. I had about 7k left when all done.
I'm going to keep programming in MS BASIC and will post other stuff here from time to time. for now enjoy the game.

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