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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - The week of rarity!


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I’ve had a little idea… How about I do another week of, but instead of reviewing games that I own, I review games that I will NEVER own, ever. And what games would these be? How about some R10 games! Due to the fact I’d have to pawn off my kidneys to even afford a single one of these cartridges I’ll have to forgo the “Own It to Review It” rule I’ve been working under. Unfortunately many of these R10 games are there simply to them having a rare cartridge shell, I’m looking at you Xante, or being actual pieces of developmental software like Magicard... or being Atlantis II. So here’s a list of the game’s I’m going to review.

  • Air Raid
  • Eli’s Ladder
  • Gamma-Attack
  • Gauntlet
  • Mangia
  • Pepsi Invaders
  • The Music Machine
  • Video Life
Why not everything?
I will exclude everything from Xante, since they’re all fairly common games inside of extremely rare cartridges (yes I do know the backstory behind them), this also covers the ECPC Cartridge from Romox since It’s the same basic Idea. As well as Asterix since it’s just Taz except it’s the European version that was converted to NTSC. Birthday Mania will be ignored since it is not a game. BMX Airmaster since you can just buy the TNT version. I will skip Atlantis II since it is just a slightly modified version of Atlantis, and I just don’t like Atlantis. The Copy Cart from VidCo is not a game, and would likely be classified under ‘utility’. Karate get’s a big ‘ol skip, for the same reason as the Xante games, common game in a rare shell, and besides, I've already reviewed it. And I cannot feasibly review Magicard since it is programming software and I don’t have the time to read the 100 page manual.

This is gonna be fun!

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