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This is for all the people who have wanted to play Fast Food while going to the bathroom after eating fast food but didn't have a TV in the bathroom. I am busy making Fast Food for the Game Boy. I had 8x8 sprites but they were so tiny on a real Game Boy it was hard to see what they were, so I bumped up the size to 8x16 and they look better. I have been at work on the title screen.

I wanted to have 7 food choices (and the evil pickle) to be chose at random by the computer, but somehow ended up with 8. I kept wondering why. Was my math off? Turns out it was. :dunce: So I got rid of the meatball and now I have the "correct" number. A nice round (in computer terms) number of 8. Tomorrow I'll begin work on the actual game. I am thinking that since the mouth is floating around that the game should be set on a distant planet where floating mouths are the norm. So I'll make a moon-like background, only the outer space part will be white since there is a black pickle in the game. I was wondering where the game Fast Food takes place since the manual doesn't say.

Somehow the game so far is about the same number of lines as MidSpace, yet I have a whole bunch of room left. Which is good, but perplexing. I still have 7 copies left of MidSpace. You can get it for $10 + $4 S&H. Just PM me.

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