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Announcing 8bit-Unity: Cross-platform SDK for 8bit games

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Hey guyz,

Last month I released 8bit-Slicks for the C64, Atari XL and Apple//e. It is the first cross-platform online game for 8bit era computers.

While developping the game, I organized my project into a "game" part, and a "SDK" part, for future re-use. It then occured to me that other people would benefit from this base for development of cross-platform 8bit games.

So I am announcing the planned release of 8bit-Unity in the second quarter of 2019. The SDK will contain everything to let you create simple online 8bit games in C code once, and deploy on all supported platforms easily (C64, Atari XL, Apple//e, and more in future!).

So they tuned!!!


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I think there are C programmers who pick their IDE and platform libraries for CC65. Those people will pass on this.


I think there are retro enthusiast beginners who need a ready-to-go visual IDE and higher level language like BASIC or LUA to dive in. Those people will also pass on this.


Can't wait to see if this grows into something appealing to your target audience :)

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Sound awesome!

Wanted to understand from you the SDK capabilities in C

Will it support :

1.DLI? Multiple DLIs?

2. Screen fine Scrolling ?

3. Hi res mode ?

4. Was this written in CC65?


Keep up the good work


You can write a DLI and DLIST in C if you want, but the aim of the SDK is prevent people from having to learn the specifics of each system.

So the SDK takes care of things wherever possible. For instance, I implemented VBIs for RMT playback, and DLI for 5th sprite flicker.

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Great idea! :thumbsup: :love: I really love the idea of multi platform 8-bit games. I've seen a few online lately and I'm actually working on one myself at the moment. Hopefully you can find a user base for your project! One would think that there is a bunch of retro computer enthusiasts that are not "engineers" but tinkerers and artsy types for which this would be ideal. I would've been in your target audience for a long while as an artsy fartsy type that want abstraction and fairly easy programming even on these old machines :) but lately I've also become interested in some of the more technical details of old computers even though I'm still using C instead of assembly.

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