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For decades. Not just years, decades, people could freely record stuff off of TV. And then suddenly, the new cable boxes have forced people to not record stuff off of television any more. My question is why do this to people? The only possible way they could lose ANY money is if people record stuff off of TV and then sell it. And yet, I haven't seen little if any of this happening. For decades, people didn't have to do this. Just now with our "improved" technology, Comca$t and kin force you to go to On Demand or some other crap. But what if your favorite show ISN'T ON THERE?

I need a way to keep shows I'd like to watch over and over again before "On Demand" isn't on demand any more. So I decided to resort to old technology to combat this problem. I hooked up a VCR and used a VHS tape to record the show I wanted off so-called "on demand." Now I can record stuff on TV again. The quality isn't all that great since it's not a DVD, but at least I have it. So thanks, you evil people at the cable companies, for forcing me to have to do this.

Now that I've got my rant over, I worked on my game again. Here is a picture of it in action.

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