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Me-Ta Elekronik Endüstri (Atari)

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Finding these games from this manufacturer is a real challenge and we still have some gaps in the database.

But maybe someome can contribute a scan?


I do not think many collectors have ever heard of them, although the titles are predestined for the die-hard-collectors. ;)

They are really nice to look at. :lust:

Or does anyone have one to trade or sell :?

I think have a three-quarters box only left to trade. (flaps missing) :pirate:


"did you know.....

Franz Beckenbauer, one of the famous names in german football,

came as public relations officer from ATARI to Turkey,

to present together with "Me-Ta Elektronik Endüstrie" (Atari manufacturer in Turkey)

the Atari console to the public."


post-17534-0-07809400-1546596038.jpg post-17534-0-42083100-1546596044.jpg

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Growing up in Turkey with an import Atari 2600 (not the Meta) I could not play any of these because of the region lock. In order to compete with the imports and to lock the users in, Meta manufactured the consoles and the cartridges with 2 pins crossed. If you find a Turkish cartridge and it doesn't work that is why. 

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I received a question regarding this, so I will post here as well. 

Here is a discussion on a Turkish forum with photos: https://www.commodore.gen.tr/forum/index.php?topic=11305.0

As you can see the first 2 pins are crossed on Me-Ta machines/cartridges.

There is even an original Frostbite cartridge modded at some point to make it work on Me-Ta machines. However a simple mod on the console with a switch could avoid all this hassle and bastardization of cartridges. 



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