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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - The St. Vinnie's Game Sale


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Over here in Madison we have a chain of thrift stores known as St. Vincent DePauls, St. Vinnie’s for short that has a big game sale every six months at one of their locations around the city, I have attended one previously and the one today, and as a collectors you all know how great it is to get good games for cheap. Sadly though, and I hate to admit it, but this St. Vinnie’s game sale was a bit of a bust. I arrived at 8:30, they opened at 9:00, in the freezing cold and wind only to see through the window that they only had a tiny stack of Atari 2600 games and even from a distance I could tell that they were just common Atari’s with a couple of Activision titles. I get over to them and my suspicions are confirmed, they’re all common titles, which I only found out later were priced at $5.50 per cart which is a huge markup from 6 months ago when they were sold indiscriminately for $2.50 apiece, nobody wants to pay $5.50 for Freeway are you crazy? There were no boxed Atari games or even NES games, and it seems a majority of the games were for the Wii, 360, and DS, which is to be expected. I still managed to find a few things though, I got a Light Sixer, power supply (Broken), standard Atari Joystick, and some Paddle controllers (completely fried judging by the smell) for 30 bucks. I didn’t have high hopes for the paddles or the power supply but the system cleaned up nicely and gives a nice clean signal so I might swap out the board on my Sears Heavy, which is getting a bit fuzzy. I met a nice guy there, I didn’t catch his name but is seems he was a fairly serious Atari collector as well since he had two in his cart, we chatted for a bit about how the previous sale was far better and he got a good laugh from my story about putting down a CIB Final Approach for Barnstorming. I just hope that subsequent sales have a bit more in them, or that St. Vinnie’s doesn’t let the employees grab the good stuff before the sale like they have done before, and quite obviously did here.

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