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In a previous blog entry I described how both M$Paint and Adobe Photoshop both have the somewhat hidden power to make icons, the little pictures that show up before the web URL. (For example, AtariAge's is a blue circle with two chevrons). Well, I learned today that if you put an icon in a website, its name can be no longer than 8 characters long. I spent a long time trying to put an icon named "rowsgardenicon.ico" in my Rows Garden page I just created. I kept getting angry. Then I had the bright idea to shorten the name of it to just "rgicon.ico". That, for some reason, worked. I'm just guessing it's because of the length of the name I had for it.

And in case you don't know what a Rows Garden puzzle is, it's a punny name given to a type of word puzzle created by crossword maker Patrick Berry in the 1990s. I discovered it through my variety crossword magazines I sometimes get (It's sad they cancelled my favorite one!) So I took a stab at making one and now am hooked on them, even though they're not as good as the crossword puzzles I make. It's been a while since I made a crossword. I've been busy making Rows Gardens. And I'm not the only one.

This guy named Andrew Ries has a weekly (!) Rows Garden puzzle for those who subscribe to it. It's $40 for a year's worth (52 puzzles.) Yeah, it's a bit hefty on the price tag there, but hey, you only live once. And then you die. I've always wondered what happens when you die. Too bad I'm never going to find out...

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