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atari2600land's Blog - the second return of Frank the Fruit Fly on Game


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So I've decided to make Frank the Fruit Fly on the Game Gear again. This time it will closely resemble the Pokemon Mini version. What inspired me to do this was wishing it was in color. Then I thought "Hey! The Game Gear has color! I should go back and do the Pokemon Mini version on the Game Gear!" This doesn't mean I won't work on the Pokemon Mini version, though. The first problem I had was a wall to build with tiles. I thought I shouldn't waste a whole screen just to add a wall. So I hid two wall tiles on the screen and with help from people on SMS Power I pulled them up when I was ready.

The second part was hard as well. Making sure the player chooses the correct button sequence to press. I needed some aid in the form of sound effects, but I couldn't get them to play for some reason. But once I did, I, by trial and error, which is how I code most of my stuff, made it work correctly. I wanted to buy Sword of Hayja (sp?) at the local game store, but they wanted $50 for it. I can get it a lot cheaper on ePay! They tried to reduce the price on the Sega Genesis/CD to $140. I figure if they make it $120 or under then I'll buy it because it'd be the same as eBay's prices when you include shipping in.

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