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So I got Bicycle Casino. I thought it was a weird name. Do you ride a bicycle to the casino? (I know, Bicycle is a brand of playing cards, but that's an odd name for a playing card company too. So is Nintendo.) Anyway, I took it for a spin. Lady Luck was on my side in the Video Poker segment. I kept getting lots of 2 pairs. I like this casino game better than the other Video Poker ones because it lets you win with a pair of tens or better. All others I have you need at least Jacks for a pair to count. So I was playing the game and then the screenshot happened. Yes, that is four sevens. Four of a kind. In my 36 years of life I have never gotten four of a kind before.

It took a while to get the hang of the controls, though. It's kind of like riding, well, you know. Press A to start a new hand and hold cards and X to redeal is kind of awkward. Why not just make one button deal and the other hold cards? Since I was playing for about half an hour, I had only lost $10 or so. Anyway, I have yet to play the other casino games I know on here, but I think this is one of the better games on the X-Box, at least casino-wise. I need to get some more X-Box games, though. I like the X-Box in general, so I need more games for it. But the thing is huge.

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