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Starlink w/Starfox


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Am I the only one who picked this one up when it came out, or in various recent sales dropping it to $30?


I got it about a week ago and I'm just so highly surprised how quality it is which is a crying shame why the sales were so crap. The Switch game sold pretty ok, but the others were a tiny fraction which should kill off any future of it. The game has solid writing, a huge system of planets and worlds to pop into and with so so much to do. It doesn't really hold your hand, but doesn't leave you hung out to dry either. The Star Fox additions are truly fantastic and seamlessly meld right into the existing world so it feels like it was already there. I've gone around 3 planets so far, going into another with gasses on it, and these huge walkers now have started to pop up which are pretty entertaining to take down.



I want to keep playing it because like Breath of the Wild and Diablo 3, it keeps sucking me in where I actually lose track of time which is rare and impressive. I've neglected Tales of Vesperia keeping it still wrapped up since it arrived yesterday even. :\

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I have no interest in the toys either, but when I saw that you could pay $30 to get the toys alone shipped on ebay, I figured it only made sense to get the Target bundle. I don't care about the 2 blaster pieces or that other dude from the box in there, but once I'm spent on that game that big (wings) poseable Arwing and Fox will go on display somewhere nice as they're amazing.


It's very very much more friendly than NMS which I have on PC too and paid the same for on some sale GoG did quite awhile back. I couldn't play it more than probably 10-20 range because it's just too bloated and too huge to the point any progress let alone worse sense of progress just is like never there. Starlink has the multiple worlds, harvesting, scanning, scavenging, building up of planetary stations and resources, etc. It's all there, but you can actually pace it out far faster in comparison but it's still slow, it's no classic hour and done Starfox. I don't know what I have into it so far, probably 15 hours at the least.

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Somebody say toys?....looooove toys!


Are these those lil plastic ships you can use like Skylanders?

Yes that's exactly what you have.


The Arwing with the blue wing flaps spread is 3 1/2" high, then length and depth are like 7 1/4 to 7 1/2" long both ways. The Fox character is on a pedestal and under 2" tall yet very detailed. You actually lock him into this bracket, then bracket the Arwing on that so his face actually shows up in the ships cockpit.

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Nope. The game doesn't require toys at all, there are digital versions of them so you can just use the system as is without the clutter. I don't know if they're being similarly price dropped at all, but when Starlink went 60% off, the toys all went 50% off on the shelf next to it. They're basically plastic DLC/Code chips sort of like Amiibo but less complex at least on the electrical end. All the ships are highly detailed and well painted from what I could see of the packs at the store that day. I just didn't want a fleet of plastic crap lying around I'd not use.


Also I don't know what it did exactly, but I was pushing buttons last night and I think I converted my toys into digital. My right joycon drains a lot faster than the left when playing the game and ran out so I was stuck. I docked the thing and pulled out my pro controller and thankfully it worked. It dropped my setup back to a base Arwing running on classic laser shots, removed the bonus of the arwing itself, fox, and the 2 pack in guns. I saw this button and was curious, it then converted them I guess despite not being plugged in at the time and now the game doesn't require it so the Arwing is kind of on display until i can get another look at it and investigate.


Not sure if it was a one time thing or I converted them to like their digital versions which would be handy. I'm more annoyed the joycon battery crapped out that fast on that side compared to the left. The game new comes with the main character and his ship, then whatever version you got (Switch, PS, XB) got a 2nd ship and 2nd person, Starfox being the Nintendo one with the Arwing. So I technically do have 2 ships and 2 pilots but I've never swapped them.

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