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Almost finished with another game. I am about to break the 2k barrier, which is good because I don't know of anything else I can add or change to it. Just got finished typing out the instructions for it. I even have a publisher for it, so don't ask to do so. So what is the game? Right now I'd like to keep it a secret because not everything is finalized (like the game) just yet. But I hope to have everything in line for a Spring release.

Right now the code has over 2,000 lines. It's really freakishly huge, so no wonder I need to stop on it soon.

Also, I have began toying with making a third homebrew ActionMax game. I don't know whether I'll do this or not. My idea is called "Xs Vs. Os," in which you are an X and your object is to shoot letter Os. I think the ActionMax needs a game title that the first letter is X, plus I like making letters anthropomorphic. So anyway, it's been a busy day yesterday, just passing time until the time comes if I die.

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