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HOVERBOARDIN - a "Skateboardin" Hack


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This is "HOVERBOARDIN" (a Skateboardin hack)

It's the year 2015 in Hill Valley and Marty McFly has to get from the Cafe 80's to the Clock Tower in less than 5 minutes! With your new Hoverboard you will need to make jumps, ride through tunnels, and dodge roaming "Litter Bug" trash cans. Most importantly, don't be a BoJo! Those boards don't work on water and there is a LOT of it! Also, keep an eye out for Grandpa Biffs taxi, make sure he doesn't follow you home.

Now auto dry your jacket, power lace your Nike Mags, and hop on that HOVERBOARD while you have time!

If anyone knows or could help hack the music, please reach out. I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Artwork (could be better):




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