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Multiquote button broken on chrome Android

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This is using deflection color scheme on android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8Gb). Both with desktop (wysiwyg editor) and mobile (plain text editor) browsing modes set in Chrome, the multiquote button acts like the regular quote button. It oens quote in advsnced editor instead of the usual behavior. I've got to get sleep so I can't fire up the desktop to test with Windows atm.

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Not something I'm going to fix, as I will be upgrading the forum shortly to a significantly newer version. I've already been doing preliminary work (for about the last week) that is required before I can begin the actual work on the forum upgrade. I'm looking forward to this upgrade, as the new version (which they completely wrote from scratch a few years ago) is quite nice.


I'll be installing new third-party skins as part of the forum upgrade. Some of the existing forum skins will be available, others will not.



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Interesting. I have noticed that very recently, If I set the theme to Deflection on a desktop browser or tablet browser, then load the site on my Android phone, it reverts back to mobile theme unless I tell Chrome Android (mobile) to load the desktop version.


As my phone is significantly smaller than the tablet, the mobile theme works better on it. However I have noticed very recently the forum now remembers my preference when using a tablet or desktop browser (or desktop mode in mobile) so I no longer have to constantly swap themes everytime I login from a different device.


Just hit the mode setting in Chrome to swap layouts. This is a big improvement in usability. :D

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