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Jimmy Palidjacket's Compu-Sonic Baseball - Making a Baseball Game (That


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About ten years ago I got the idea to make a game that would answer the age old question "What would happen if Strat-O-Matic and Munchkin got drunk and hooked up?" I started playing with some concepts, but at the time printing a game and getting it into stores seemed like a pretty insurmountable goal. I tried doing it as an online game and had a pretty basic game engine up and running, but without direct head-to-head competition (which was beyond my coding abilities), the game was missing something.

A decade and some websites offering print on demand board games later and I'm back to my original idea of a board game I call Jimmy Plaidjacket's Compu-Sonic Baseball. Like typical baseball games, players use cards representing players to create lineups and roll dice to determine the outcome of at-bats. Unlike typical baseball games, there aren't stacks of charts to consult. All of the possible outcomes are on the player cards. But what (hopefully) will make Compu-Sonic Baseball stand out from other games are the equipment and event cards, which make heavy use of puns and baseball related jokes.

As I work on the game, I'll post updates here and share the mechanics of the game in more detail. For now, here are a few sample card images.

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