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HLO projects - Some Atari TurboBASIC XL games


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For this time I am posting some programs I wrote or modified in that wonderful BASIC Atari TurboBASIC XL.

There are four games:

Awari - this is just the Atari TBXL version of the Awari game I already posted for the TI-99/4a and the CoCo2. It's the fast version so far and is
programmed in Gr.0 characters. I cleaned up the logic a little more but it's still the same game as on the other two computers. I wrote this one from the
original Ahl BASIC book to TI-99 console BASIC (lost) to TI-99/4a ExBASIC (the one I posted) to CoCo2 BASIC (posted) to an unfinished Atari MSBASIC to finally Atari BASIC with some TBXL thrown in. Like the previous LINES program, it's kinda a benchmark for me.

Millibourne - This is the French racing card game. I love this game. I also have no idea where it came from. I have 2 copies on the disk; one uses just the keyboard and one use just the joystick.
Here are the instructions:

Super Revision - This is from either Antic or Analog, I can't remember. It is standard Reversi. The only thing I modified was the joystick worked on the diagonal, which made it very hard to navigate. I changed it to work in a straight line making moving between cells easier. Also added a random color change of the board. The constant gray board was so boring.

Yathzee - I didn't like any of the Yathzee games I have seen for the Atari 8-bit, so I wrote my own. Took a little code (the VBI routine) from another Yathzee (I credited the programmer in the comments).

Uno - this is on the main menu but I haven't finished it yet. I will post it as soon am I'm finished. It originally started as a experiment to see if I could write a good Uno in TI-99 console BASIC and quickly outgrew that environment. The translation of TI-99 BASIC string arrays to Atari's, um, unique, strings is turning out to be a bit more difficult then I expected.

So, there you go. Have fun.

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