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Ablogalypse Now - Intellivision urges


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A bit of history about myself. My very first game console I received as a young child, somewhere in the early 1980's, was the Intellivision II, and I had a handful of games for it. I loved the thing, but it didn't last very long, I remember it conking out after only a few months of ownership. I was much too young to consider fixing it myself, and I had no understanding of how to fiddle with it to diagnose the problem. All I knew was it didn't work anymore.

And that was it. That was my first foray into video game ownership. I remember 3 games in particular that I had, and they were: Horse Racing, Burgertime, and Swords and Serpents. I really enjoyed those games, I couldn't get enough of them, especially Swords and Serpents. I still have the urge to defeat the game, because I distinctly remember getting very far into it, only to get stuck and never finish the game. These are very old memories, and it is starting to give me an itch that I can only scratch in one way, and that is to buy another Intellivision II and reacquire those games.

I have been running through some options online, but none of the options are really very good. The Intellivision market is pretty expensive on the console side, and the controllers have generally not held up well at all over time. I would like to have something with a video mod, but that just adds to the cost obviously. I looked into the Intellivision Flashback, and the only game of my 3 listed above on there is Horse Racing, and that's not good enough. It is an interesting option, but I'm not embarking on acquiring this console unless I can play the games I remember so fondly.

Emulation is not an option for me on my computer, it doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't satisfy any urges, so that's a no go.

Overall, I have not been impressed with what I've seen for sale on ebay. Most of the consoles look dirty and very used, often in bad condition, even missing controllers. Some look like soda was spilled all over. Cosmetic problems are easy to take care of, but just that kind of general mis-use tells me the owners offered no care of their own to the console, who knows what else is wrong with it you know?

Basically I'm just thinking about it for now. Maybe a forum member here will have some deal in the near future that I can pounce on when the opportunity arises. Or, maybe I'll see something acceptable on the Bay.

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