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ST Informer Magazines for Archiving


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On 3/23/2021 at 1:08 PM, TheNameOfTheGame said:

I sent David 18 more issues of ST Informer to scan for his online archive.


It's great to see more holes in this ST Informer collection being filled.  ST Informer reminds me of a cross between a magazine and a newsletter.



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  I just found a near complete run of the large format newspaper style ST Informer issues from from May 1987 to Dec 1991.

The May 87 shows Charter Issue on left of banner and Complimentary Copy on the right. From reading it I think this is the first issue.

There are a few holes and several duplicates. Would 'David' be willing to scan these that are already not scanned?

I also have 5 issues of a UK same format as above of ST World. I can't find the years, but Vol 1 no 5, 1/6, 2/6(aug), 2/8(oct),4/1(jan 89)

And one other in the same format: Southern California Atari Computer Faire V. 3.0

Would 'David' be willing to scan these that are already not scanned?

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6 hours ago, KLund1 said:

Email sent. I hope to is will and answers.

fingers X'd.......

I think he will.  David was very communicative when I sent him some issues to scan.  BTW, I looked at my emails from him and they are from bombjack@bombjack.org.  You might want to send the email to that address as well just to be sure.

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I sent some more ST Informer issues to @DLH-Bombjack who has kindly agreed to scan them for preservation.


#84 Jul 1994
#85 Aug 1994
#85 Sep 1994  (printing error as should be #86)
#87 Oct 1994

#88 Nov 1994
#91 Mar/Apr 1995
#92 May/Jun 1995
#94 Aug 1995
#96 Feb 1996
#97 May 1996


Look forward to seeing them in digital format.  Thanks David!


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