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Odyssey 2 AC adapter?


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Hey! I just picked up an Odyssey 2, but it seems it took a few licks in transit & the AC adapter is dead. I know the unit works, becuase I got it going off of my Atari jr adapter- but since it doesn't run on quite the same specs, I don't really want to keep using it.


Any tips on getting a replacement? It's an older odyssey with removeable controllers and a headphone jack/style AC. According to the plug, it's a 'model AJ 9048-BK01, output 11.5 vac 400 mA, input 115 vac 60 hz 12 W.'


The only standalone plug I can see immediately on ebay is a barrel tip (so no go) from happiestsellerever (so double no-go!). I'm sure I can something else...


As an aside- if anyone's around the Puget Sound Area and wants a nearly-destroyed Odyssey 2 box, I have one up for grabs. It's in such bad shape & I don't keep boxes normally, so it's getting recycled unless someone's actually interested.

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Luckily, you don't need an original Odyssey² power supply to run your console. Most electronics stores sell adjustable power supplies that you can use. Odyssey²'s power supply requirements are: 12v AC 600mA. However, Odyssey² consoles contain an internal bridge rectifier and 5v regulator, which means that it should be safe to use supplies that don't exactly match these specifications. It should be safe to use a power supply that provides anywhere from 9V to about 14V, AC or DC.

Many Odyssey² players use power supplies from other, more common consoles. A standard 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) power supply can be used on most Odyssey² consoles, just not the early models. If your Odyssey² has a round, female power port with a thin metal peg in the middle, it's compatible with an NES supply. If your console's power port is female, but smaller and lacking the metal peg, try an Atari 2600 supply. It should work!

Please note: this information comes from the O2 FAQ on the following web site: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/faq/essentials/#12

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Well this may be the case of good timing here. I recently moved and just found my O2 spare parts box. Inside was a male tip O2 AC adapter. I tested it in my fluke and you can see the reading.

Let me know if you want this. Im in the U.S. so if you are too shoot me an offer and I can send it out to you.post-29633-0-49256600-1552061126_thumb.jpegpost-29633-0-81107600-1552061164_thumb.jpeg

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Personally, I've been using this plug adaptor with a SEGA Genesis Model 1 AC adaptor. So far it hasn't given me any problems.


IMG 0343

I got it originally for my Atari 2600 and used a 9v DC center positive, but it seems to work with anything that will fit the barrel on my Odyssey 2.

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