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Colecovision Expansion Module 1 Help


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Hello all,


I know there have been topics posted about this before and I've been trying to go through them and figure out what my issue can possibly be. My old Expansion Module 1 gives a black screen. The Colecovision works fine and I've tested the Expansion with a known, working 2600 game(s). I've opened up the Module and it's clean, but what should I be looking for (capacitors, chips?). Thanks for any help and insight!

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The resistor is fried. So is the diode below it. You'll have to remove the diode and roll it to read off the entirety of the part number. The resistor... well, someone who still has a working board should be able to tell what it once was. If you can find a similar set of diodes and resistors on the other player input, it will probably follow that pattern.


But still, to fry a resistor like that requires some next-level abuse. Makes me wonder what else that's less obvious might have gone with it.

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Crazy. It was my dad's and he's never really been into gaming, so it never got much use. I took it for obvious reasons, so I hope I can figure which resistor and diode I need. If anyone can tell me, I would be very grateful. I'm attaching a picture of the full board.


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These look like the resistors I think, but I'll need to check the diode.




Can anyone confirm that this resistor is 18 ohm, 5% tolerance?


I found this picture of it, but it's a little hard to tell.


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There are quite a few missing traces !?







On second thought that has to be marker right ?


Your resistor value seems to be correct going by the other picture and I'm assuming you didn't put the diode in backwards.


Id follow the trace that is common to that resistor and diode. Follow it further down and see where its going.

I may dig mine out and look

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I've same issue and don't know how to check the chips ... So i'll be also glad to have some hints ...

The chip near the controller plugs is the RIOT and the chip across the board from it is the 6507. The one above it is the TIA-equivalent chip, which works in pretty much the same way as the standard TIA but with pinout differences. The main clock comes from the Colecovision. EM1's schematic is nearly identical to the Atari 2600. You can do a lot of the standard Atari 2600 troubleshooting with that knowledge. Just check the console5 page for the E4002 pinout.

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