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So I made a font. Well, what I did was modify a font. I had to spend an unholy fortune and search and stuff to find the right program for me, one that will let me import images and make them be letters. I doubt the guy who made the original font is still around and can be contacted (the font was copyright 1992, 93.) So I don't really know what to do with my modified font. Can I post it on my website? Is it abandonware?
What started this whole thing was someone replied to my font query from WhatTheFont from 2012. Don't know why it took 7 years to answer my question, though. I restarted my font making thing: It's called Salem Oregon Font Association, or SOFA for short.

So what I did was make the Alien Raiders font from the Microvision. I had to modify the D, E and N. I'm happy the way it turned out. I'll mostly work on making dingbats.

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