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CX-22 Trakball Help!


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Ok, for starters I don't know much about electronics. I ordered this Trakball as untested so I figured I would have issues. As it turns out nothing worked. The buttons, the ball, nada. I took the cover off, cleaned the ball. Took the spinners out and cleaned them and got them spinning good. I took the wires off of the button sensors and hooked everything back up. Plugged it in and now both buttons work perfectly. Up and down is smooth.


Left and right movement however is non existent. I switched the rollers around and it remained the same. I am guessing there is either an issue with the black sensor that the wheel spins through or the circuitry coming from it.


Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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No difference with the switch in Joystick or Trackball mode?


I would hope the buttons at least register...


What system/computer/game/program are you testing it on?


In Atari BASIC on a 400/800/XL/XE you can enter:


10 ? STICK(0),STRIG(0):GOTO 10



With the TBall in joystick mode, see if you get any changes.

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Hello, I am testing on the Atari 7800. I am using centipede for the 2600 in joystick mode. I got both buttons and the up and down functioning perfectly. The only problem is now the side to side movement. The ball rolls great, just no reaction on the screen.

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