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Old pictures of our Atari 8-bit setups


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On 12/23/2022 at 8:16 AM, AtariGoRound said:

I wish I could remember. I wouldn't say I moved up, especially not here lol,  but I did move on to Apple II and then IBM PC after this.

I was wondering about that. I know with apple II about two companies mfg a 8" disk drive controller. But I got a Percom drive system with the atari I just picked up. They have an option to simply plug in other 5.1/2" drives. If they are standard (shugart?) when I don't wee why a cable mod wouldn't work. Now the question would be mod the software to use more sectors to get more space out of the disk

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Unfortunately no 'original original' pics of my Atari 8bits,  but I do have a pic from 93-94 that includes my second Atari 8bit (an 800XL).  At the time I was fully on the PC (hosting a BBS, writing C programs, etc). but was occasionally going back to the 8bit or ST for some quality gaming time..   


(I was definitely a little less organized in my youth..)




Also an ST pic from the same photo set (any idea which ST monitor that is on the right?  I seem to have lost it since then..)


I think that's a 130XE on the shelf on the upper right.. 



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I couldn't find any photo of my 2600 nor 8-bit that we had beginning from ~1979, but found a photo from 1991 with a 16-bit. Alas, only the SM124 on focus.

All things related to Atari, including magazines, are still in my possession, including the posters in the background (but not the TV) - and myself :)


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