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Mixing Old and New Hardware


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Greetings! I sent an email to to the Harmony creator, wondering about mixing my old hardware with the new Harmony stuff, but after reading around here a bit, I see that he's a busy guy, so I'll pose my questions to you all...


I have attached a picture of the basis of my 2600 rig, inherited from my father. As you'll see, it consists of a board that the game chip plugs into (I have quite a few chips), then that board plugs into the pictured cartridge, which of course plugs into the 2600 (actually a Sears Tele-Games system). This is all original hardware from the late 70s.


My question is, based on what I've told you and what you see in the picture, do you think the Harmony board would plug into my cartridge and actually work?


I don't know a whole lot about the details of the system, so I have no idea if the Harmony board is waaaaay beyond the capabilities of my cartridge, or if the board will even fit the thing, or if you can tell any of that based on my post. If you think there is a chance, however, I'm absolutely placing an order for the board.


I thank you all in advance for any insight you can provide. I've been introducing my six year old daughter to the 2600, and this would be awesome to share with her.


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The harmony would plug directly into the 2600. You wouldn't use this together with it.


This just appears to be some kind of pass through device so you can easily swap out rom chips to play different games. The harmony is essential the same thing, but the games are files/rom dumps instead of chips.

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