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An influential member within the Lynx community gave it to me. Enjoy :)

Are you kidding? This is a 20year old release which you download from by web site. And yes, its still available there... that I call news. At least you didnt find the version with working comlynx yet.

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Done! What what be great is if the collision detection wasn't pixel perfect, for example if the man is a few pixel close enough to a gap between blocks, he should be able to move through the gap and his position adjusted automatically. Right now it looks like you have to have a pixel-perfect position to move through gaps.

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maybe you can add that i would be happy to learn about any issues with >3 machines, which i cannot test myself.

Perhaps we could have a ComLynx hour at eJagfest? I have lots of ComLynx cables and a PC with an FT-USB chip to dump the data for later analysis.

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i dont think the comlynx is buggy. I just said I havent tested it. it might be that at some point the whole chains gets too slow and it gets unplayable.


And yes, what a strange bug that the main game goal, bombing you opponents, isnt working. Well, i guess someone will try to sell it on ebay anyways.

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