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I bought my copies of Paws on Fire I went to the local Gamestop. I asked for Bubsy, and from behind the manager of the store had a copy of Paws on Fire ready for me. The manager knew because I bought Woolies Strike Back at the same place years before.

As I was buying my regular and limited edition Ps4 copies he mentioned that for an Indie, mostly because it was a game under $50 unlike other games, the sales for the game had been quite good and he almost didn't have a copy for me.

And so when Twitter Bubsy had this to say...

Link: https://www.pcgamer.com/from-bubsy-to-system-shock-how-indie-devs-bring-old-videogames-back-to-life/

.... I was not surprised that an article would be written. A pretty good read and as Bubsy says there is a picture of him there so worth a read.

Here are some other fun mayhem that Twitter Bubsy has been up to...

Hope people in Korea like Bubsy, and if they make a specific Korean copy I will try to buy one! icon_mrgreen.gif

And as a reminder, a few more days are left on sale where you buy Paws on Fire (on Steam) you get a free Bubsy Two-Fur!!

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