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That's what I'm doing. While working on GoSub 7800, I had two levels, each with their own level checking code. I realized that if I had, say, 30 levels, it was going to be one out-of-control, huge glob of code. So I tried to rectify the situation. I looked through the 7800basic Guide to see what I could do about it. I discovered the 'memcpy' function. So while this made less code, it also made my program bigger. Instead of it being 32k, it is now 128k with RAM though. Apparently I need to do that. I eventually want this to be made, but I don't know if it will make it more expensive because it needs the extra RAM because it needs it for the memcpy function?

The people who came yesterday to paint came back today to paint. I guess it's a lunch break or they've finished because they're gone now. The dog came in my room and stayed with me because she kept barking again. I also changed the coral color from a blasting red to green. I thought pink would be okay since it was in Super Mario Bros., but I guess not.

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