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SpiceWare's Blog - Another grid outage


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Back on the 6th I posted about a grid outage and that I was surprised because the solar stopped producing.



I did some research and ran across this topic which said the solar gets turned off when the grid initially goes down, but will come back about 5 minutes later.


Today we had an outage that lasted long enough to confirm that was correct:


Major thunderstorm happening at the moment, so I'm surprised it was even able to produce that much.


Today also marks 1 year ownership of my Model 3! I plan to write up a blog entry about it, though not sure if I'll finish it tonight as I need to run errands this evening - I'd planned to take care of them on my lunch break, but my dad unexpectedly showed up. We went to Red Robin for lunch. I had a lettuce-wrapped (bun-less) Smoke & Pepper with the patty swapped for the Impossible Burger, it was quite good.

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