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Contolling the Kid Vid cassette tape?

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I have searched for the documentation, but unfortunately, I did not found anything. :(
What I want to do is the program checking if the tape was rewinded and if that is true, beginn the "game" and play the song on the tape. I want to cover a song and play the lyrics with the tape. :)

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I wrote a test program and found out that the KidVid is actually sending signals through the 2nd pin (joydown), in a strange way, it's aa constantly high bit, but as pressing the play button, it disrupts it for a second, after that, it sends binary code to detect which game to load. My problem is that if I'm not using the original cartridge, it won't play any music. Is it possible to control the 5th pin that is originally for the B paddle input on the joyport? I wrote an assembly code segment that tries to set bit 7 to high and read it as well, but nothing happens. I guess setting the 7th bit high lets to play what is on the tape instead of just making the tape go.

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