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[GENESIS/MD] Alternative to OEM 6-button Controller's 315-5638 IC?


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My first question:

Have any 3rd party manufacturers (other than Retrobit recently--I'll get to that in a bit) ever succeeded in making a version of the six-button Genesis controller that works 100% like the OEM (in other words, Mode button functionality is exactly identical to Sega's, and therefore compatibility is the same)?


My second question:

If so, do any of those controllers use an alternative to Sega's proprietary 315-5638 IC chip? I know Retrobit has succeeded in this with their 2019 Sega-licensed controllers, but looking inside of those, you'll see the the ol' "blob" integrated circuit. Not much help or information there.


I'm asking these questions because I want to be able to purchase legitimate alternative ICs for production of my own third-party Sega controllers. I see the 315-5638 available on some components websites, but (1) I'm not sure I trust them and (2) they list quantities but not prices (without filling out a quote form).


Plus: even if I were able to purchase the Sega ICs, wouldn't I be unable, legally, to sell controllers that utilize them without official licensing? Retrobit has the licensing and even they don't use them.


Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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