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Official 10 liner program competition thread


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Please use this post only for final entry submissions. You may enter as many programs as you want. Please do not post comments here!



  • Games should be programmed in either TI BASIC or any version of Extended Basic currently available.
  • Maximum total length of the program cannot exceed 10 lines, including DATA statements
  • Disk or other storage access is NOT allowed. You must only use the facilities available within TI BASIC or the particular XB cartridge you chose.
  • Entry format: Programs should be submitted as a disk image for ease of access by all. Make sure to state the running environment (TI BASIC, TIXB, RXB etc...). Also include the name or AA handle you wish to use for credit.
  • Submission deadline: July 31st, 2019 midnight GMT
  • Judging: A public poll will be created on this forum with all the eligible entries at the end of the contest, separated into 2 categories: TI BASIC and Extended Basic. The winning entry in each category will be the one with the highest number of votes.
  • Prizes: 1x NIB Atari Flashback Blast! Volume 1 and 1x NIB Activision Flashback Blast! (winners will decide who gets what among themselves).
  • Most of all, have fun!!!
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Submission: Microtower

Platform: XB

Written by: Erik Olson


Drive the elevator up and down.

Press fire at the first floor to load a passenger.

Press fire on any other floor to drop them off. (They're not picky.)

If you get a yellow construction worker (looks like a wizard) take them to the roof, where they build another floor.

10 CALL CLEAR::F=1::C=9:=24::E=C*8-23::V=169::Z=16::CALL COLOR(9,5,5)::CALL COLOR(10,9,9)::CALL MAGNIFY(2)::CALL SCREEN(15)
20 CALL CHAR(97,"18FF8181818181FF003A327E723232000018183C3C1818000018183C183C7E00", 101,"00000018183C180000182424181A1E0000182C70703C1800005A3C1818183C00")
30 P=Z::F=F+1::CALL MOTION(#P,0,0)::T=24-F*3::FOR I=24 TO T STEP -3::CALL HCHAR(I,C+1,96,D-C-1)::NEXT I::CALL HCHAR(T,C-2,32,2)
40 CALL VCHAR(T-3,C-3,104,28-T)::CALL VCHAR(T-3,C,104,28-T)::CALL VCHAR(T,D,104,25-T)::CALL HCHAR(24,C-3,104,4)::CALL HCHAR(T-3,C-3,104,4)
50 CALL SPRITE(#Z,97,7,V,E,0,0)::U=(192-8*F*3-23)

70 CALL MOTION(#Z,-Y,0,#P,-Y,0)::IF  K<>18 OR Y<>0 THEN 60 ELSE IF P<Z THEN 90
80 IF A>=V THEN P=INT(RND*F+1)::CALL SPRITE(#P,97+P,2+(P*2+8 AND 15),A,B,0,0)::GOTO 60 ELSE 60
90 IF A<=V-20 THEN CALL LOCATE(#P,7+A-INT(A/24),INT(RND*96+73))::IF P=1 AND A<=U AND F<8 THEN 30 ELSE P=Z::GOTO 60 ELSE 60


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@tibasic: Please don't post a "dsk" file when it's not a disk image.


Edit: Sorry, it was not only you.


@others_as_well: Please stick to conventions. DSK files are disk images, not single files. This is really asking for confusion.

Edited by mizapf
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Submission: Mastermind

Platform: XB

Written by: Lucien Baumann

1 RANDOMIZE :: CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(35,"0000001F10101010000000FF00000000000000F80C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C") :: F=0 :: CALL CHAR(39,"0C0C0C0CFCFC000000000000FFFF0000")
2 CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(41,"101010101F0F00001010101010101010") :: IF F=0 THEN DISPLAY AT(22,1):"Guess a number of 4 digits  from 1..6. Clues: 1st=In pos2nd=Wrong pos."
3 DISPLAY AT(4,10):"#$$$$$$$$%" :: CALL VCHAR(5,12,42,12) :: CALL VCHAR(5,21,38,12) :: DISPLAY AT(17,10):")(((((((('" :: DIM A(4),B(4),E(4) :: FOR I=1 TO 4
4 A(I)=INT(RND*6)+1 :: NEXT I :: Y=5 :: ON WARNING NEXT :: CALL CHAR(91,"101010101F10101000000000FF0000000C0C0C0CFC0C0C0C")
5 ACCEPT AT(Y,11)SIZE(4):N :: DISPLAY AT(Y,11)SIZE(4):STR$(N) :: J=1000 :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: B(I)=INT(N/J) :: N=N-B(I)*J :: J=J/10 :: E(I)=A(I) :: NEXT I :: C=0 :: D=0
6 FOR I=1 TO 4 :: IF E(I)=B(I)THEN C=C+1 :: B(I)=0 :: E(I)=10
7 NEXT I :: F=1 :: CALL HCHAR(22,1,32,96) :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: FOR J=1 TO 4 :: IF E(I)=B(J)THEN D=D+1 :: B(J)=0 :: E(I)=10
8 NEXT J :: NEXT I :: DISPLAY AT(Y,16)SIZE(1):STR$(C) :: DISPLAY AT(Y,18)SIZE(1):STR$(D) :: Y=Y+1 :: IF Y=15 THEN 9 :: IF C<>4 THEN 5
9 M=0 :: J=1000 :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: M=M+A(I)*J :: J=J/10 :: NEXT I :: DISPLAY AT(Y,10)SIZE(10):"[\\\\\\\\]" :: DISPLAY AT(Y+1,11)SIZE(4):STR$(M)
10 CALL KEY(5,K,S) :: IF S=0 THEN 10 :: GOTO 2



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Submission: Alpha10
Platform: TI BASIC
Written by: Geoff Haddad
Instructions: Three at a time, letters come falling down from the top of the screen, and you must press and hold each letter shown to vanquish them!  Make sure Alpha Lock is on.  If a letter makes it all the way to the bottom, you lose, and the program freezes.



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Submission: Touchdown

Platform: TI Basic

Written by: Mark Paton

Instructions: A lunar lander type game. Scoring is calculated from the landing speed and fuel remaining. Fuel remaining (0-9) is displayed inflight in a green box that also marks the location of your lander. Thrust is controlled with the keys 1 (low) to 9 (high). Close to the surface you'll see a graphical representation of the lander. If you're going too fast near the surface then three exclamation marks are displayed (!!!).


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