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Thank you for helping.

I did format and reinstall the bios and eeloader. Now the cartridge works ( I don't know why it does this time after several attempts doing the exact same thing ) but anyways..... it works  now.

My only concer now is that it is very hard to read the rom lines. 

I can't read the name of the games, I have to guess or look at the TV from far away

Every name is split in horizontal lines instead of being a single line.

My TV is NTSC , the bios I uploaded is the . ntsc.

The games look fine, but the menu is almost unreadable.

Any suggestion?

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I suppose you are using a modern TV and not a CRT, correct? Then the effect depends on how your TV handles the unusual signal coming from the 2600. Especially interlaced displays, like the Harmony menu (or e.g. Stellar Track and Dark Mage), are giving many modern TV problems to display well. Try your TV's settings, maybe you can find a setting which improves the display.

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Try changing the Color/B&W switch.  It seems for me in 1.06, that in B&W the text colour cycles.  Then again - I am using an old CRT TV from 1977, manual tuning knobs so I have no idea what more modern displays look like.

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