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Atari Lynx High Score Club 2019 Round 1 - Shanghai


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I'm down to 7:19 now....one trick I've learned is I concentrate on one tile design at a time (unless something jumps out at me) and scan the entire puzzle. When I see that particular design I actually say the number (or shape) out loud and it helps me remember if I've seen that number/shape before. It's kind of hard on the voice after a while, but it really seems to help.

On 7/23/2019 at 6:54 AM, travistouchdown said:

144, 12:37


How you can do this in 6 minutes I cannot fathom.  I think this game favors those with a photographic memory. 



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144 tiles, 10:59 time


I'm getting it.  Have had several games I could have finished in 8-10 minutes but I ran out of tiles.  Is there a strategy for this or is it just luck?  I try to use the tiles around the edges to break down the pyramid; and think ahead a few moves to open up tiles i'll need to clear soon.  Still using this strategy i'll get stuck.


I was also wondering recently if you beat/clear every puzzle if you get a cool game ending screen....


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there are several tips to increase chance of success.

- prioritze tiles which will unblock others

- try to memorize 3 or 4 possible moves ahead of a chosen tile 

- always look on the edges first from top to bottom and do it permanently

- as jblenkle said : i m also say out what i m searching (3 or 4 different tiles at the same time)

- if you have to choose between 2 possibities of twin don t hesitate too much because there is a big part of chance behind each choice...

- use earphones and concentrate with the sound and music... 

good luck

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