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Odyssey 2 exported to Japan?


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Hi everyone.  I received an odd copy of Pick Axe Pete in a lot of Odyssey 2 games.  It has a label on the spine with Japanese writing, and there is a black and white manual that seems somewhat professionally assembled.  Does anyone know if this was just a one-off import to Japan, or are there more of these out there?  Thanks 



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Here's the 22 Japanese games known :

9400  Supiidouei/Rannabauto/Angou Kaidoku   
9403  Armored Encounter/Sub Chase               
9404  Bowling / Basketball                              
9407  Match Maker/Logix/Buzzword                 
9408  Beesubooru                     
9410  Konpyuutaa Gorufu (Computer Golf)       
9413  Purei Sansuu Geemu                             
9414  Invaders from Hyperspace                     
9415  Thunderball (Super Pinball)
9416  Showdown in 2100 AD                           
9417  War of Nerves (Robotto Gundan Geemu) 
9420  Hockey / Soccer                                    
9421  Ribaashii                                              
9422  Volleyball                                              
9423  Electronic Table Soccer (Japan)               
9425  Pachinko (Japan)                                    
9426  Casino Slot Machine (Japan)                     
9428  Alien Invaders?Plus (Japan)                     
9430  Nazo no UFO                                          
9432  Itazura Monkii Geemu                            
9436  Freedom Fighters                                                                  
9437  Gorudo Rasshu / Pick Axe Pete!

Japanese Odyssey2.jpg

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