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You may remember a long time ago I started work on a similar concept. Bored, I brought it back and began work anew on it. All I have so far is one repeating hole to jump over (or fall down). I decided that the Intellivision needed a side-scrolling game, so I began work on this.


What say you?


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I want to make something along the lines of Super Mario Bros. I've added a block here. Stickman can jump up on it, or knock his head on it. It took a long time to have him not wiggle when he lands on it. The solution was to put a hidden block under Stickman along with some code. I shouldn't have to waste a sprite like that, but oh well.



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It may look better if the sun was removed and instead add random scrolling white clouds in the blue sky.   Maybe add some caverns or underground section similar to Pitfall that are visible?   


What are the tasks or goals of the game planned to be?  Collecting gold or something?   Enemies? 

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On 8/26/2019 at 7:12 AM, atari2600land said:


Added some music provided by FirstSpear. It's really nifty.

stickman8.zip 7.67 kB · 5 downloads


FWIW, you might want to try setting the volume lower on the background music during the game. Also the high notes sound a little harsh compared to the game play, like the octaves are one higher than they need to be. Not sure.


But the game itself controls very well! Great job!



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