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Piko Interactive Now Selling on eBay?


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It would appear that Piko Interactive is now selling on eBay under the seller ID gamelausa (with references to the old GameGavel.com). You're still better off purchasing directly through the Piko site (easy to navigate) in my opinion, but seems that they've also decided to try their luck on eBay, with higher prices (about $10 more per game) to offset eBay fees. Perhaps @PikoInteractive could chime in to confirm if my detective work is correct! Don't forget to purchase games through the developers and distributors directly (whether on their own sites or through their own seller IDs on eBay) so they can better quantify sales to support future releases to our beloved Atari consoles and also to limit resellers from making an absurd amount on resales to buyers who don't realize they can purchase their games for much less elsewhere - which Piko being on eBay should certainly help with. Cheers.

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