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arkanoid vaus controller pinout for nes

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Maybe we can take an educated guess...


Looking at the arkanoid paddle info from the nesdev wiki you'll see it uses D3 for the button and D4 for the knob. This page has a schematic of the paddle controller. Here is the nes controller port pinout copied from the nesdev wiki:

 GND -- |O \        
 CLK <- |O O\ -- +5V
 LAT <- |O O| <- D3
  D0 -> |O O| <- D4
     NES port
 * Directions are relative to the jack on the from of console

By looking at the datasheets of a few chips from the schematic, here is my guess of the pinout:



BLU - D4



WHT - D3



I hope this helps.

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I realize this is a necrobump but for the relevance of the information I hope it's alright.


I recently acquired an arkanoid controller from a fellow AA member that needed the cable replaced. I ordered one of the 7-wire extension cables from Console5 and it works well enough. I measured the internal wires as 28awg, and unfortunately they have those fiber strands in with the copper strands.


Anyhow, here is a cheat sheet for anyone else who needs to replace their controller cable. I only bought one cable from Console5 so I can't verify the colors will be the same for all cables. Perform your own continuity test to be sure. Be sure to shrink wrap the unused wire.

-----cable connector (looking into cable)-----
      /  1 |
     / 7 2 |
     | 6 3 |
     | 5 4 |
	PIN       COLOR     COLOR
	1    GND  green     brown
	2    CLK  orange    orange
	3    LAT  red       black
	4    D0   ---       red
	5    D4   blue      green
	6    D3   white     blue
	7    VCC  black     yellow
-----pcb connector (component side)-----

	  | | | | | |
	  | | | | | |
	| O O O O O O |
	  1         6 

	PIN       COLOR     COLOR
	1    VCC  black     yellow
	2    D4   blue      green
	3    CLK  orange    orange
	4    LAT  red       black
	5    D3   white     blue
	6    GND  green     brown


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17 hours ago, Shawn said:

Do you know if this is NES comaptible?

Yes, it is compatible. Both NES and MSX paddles made by Taito are the same board with different cable. Some pictures and discussions on forums found on the net point to differences in the values of some components but all should provide similar results nevertheless.


If necessary it is possible to tweak the readings by installing the trimpot (R7) instead of the fixed resistor (R1) on the discrete component version. 

On the digital version the readings can be set ny changing the definitions of MINVAL and MAXVAL.



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I bought a Famicom Vaus controller (the black one) and just finished converting it over to an NES plug end. Here's the wiring diagram I came up with:


  BROWN -- |O \        
 ORANGE -- |O O\ -- BLUE
    N/C -- |X O| -- RED

This version doesn't seem to have any way of calibrating the pot, so I just used some UV-cure 3d printing resin to add material to the stops on the knob. That got rid of the excess play.


I'm playing it on my MiSTer FPGA via SNAC connection, on the US rom. Everything works like a charm.

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